Service Center & pre-owned certifications

Master watchmaker Nicolas Commergnat (Alliance Genève Sàrl) is the official authority on after-sales and certifications for Henri Grandjean watches.

The world’s experts are consulting Alliance Genève Sàrl because its founder is the only watchmaker in the world to be at the same time at the cross-road between the past and the 4.0 watchmaking, while having a laboratory and analysis expertise. Nicolas Commergnat has added a scientific touch to the assessments of empirical records of images and sales data, and even of know-how experiences.

With a heritage in restoration watchmaking, this master watchmaker is a key player of training and after-sales service worldwide. As a disciple of the famous watchmaker Sven Andersen, he is recognized by the most prestigious brands for is collecting each year on his Geneva workbenches hundreds of watches to be auctioned. Including the most mythical ones, those that are at the top of the list and that Aurel Bacs, founder and president of Bacs & Russo, an auctioneer whose famous charismatic speeches have propelled Phillips to the forefront, entrusts him with.

Mythical watches reveal everything

In charge of the maintenance and the functioning of the watches, Nicolas Commergnat is regularly in contact with the most coveted pieces in the world. The former watchmaking professor at the ifage, loyal to his values of knowledge transmission, is above all a true enthusiast. As a result of his obsession with the fundamentals of watchmaking, he has broken his piggy bank and has acquired an incredible machine, a kind of 3D microscope that scans the treasures entrusted to him for repair or care. He knows that he will probably never see them again, since such pieces, suddenly appearing in the light of an inheritance, will disappear again for several decades or even forever.

Joël A. Grandjean